Watch Below - Baseball Infield Drills

One of the main facets of the baseball infield book is infield drills. If you can infield the ball in full speed Game-Like situations, then playing the infield is going to be easy.The main purpose of the thousands of ball-infield and dribbling drills in this program is to train players to infield the ball.

Welcome to Home of the most thorough, step-by-step, baseball book training program ever invented. You're about to learn training secrets that most baseball players will never know about infielding the ball. With these skills that I've developed, players and coaches have wanted to know how I got my skills to the point they are today. With over 2000 drills, countless training techniques. I'm going to TEACH YOU, in step-by-step fashion, how to become a great infielder that can't be stopped.

Many of these skills and techniques have been used by players such as Paul Molitor, Robin Yount, Derek Jeter, and Cal Ripkin to help their team.

Through the years I've seen many players who were good at various infield drills, but once they got into game situations, they weren't effective fielding the ball. In order to be effective, your skills need to translate over into game situations, and in my program, Our book will teach you training techniques that make this transition automatic.

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